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Why I Decided to Rebrand my Blog

If you're reading this, chances are you followed my old blog, Lipstick & Lacquer. Or maybe you're someone new (and in that case, hi! Thanks for stopping by!). Either way, this is a new website design for us all! For any of my previous blog readers, I understand that this change may seem a bit sudden. If I'm being honest, it was a pretty sudden change on my part too. For a while now I've been stuck on trying to find a way to combine my love of blogging with my love of graphic design and my freelance design work. I didn't want to start filling my beauty blog with design posts out of nowhere, but at the same time I didn't want to be running separate blogs on either topic. And thus, the idea to just combine the two came to me!

I know, it seems like a pretty obvious thing to do. If you have two passions, why not write about both in one place, right? I think the reason why I didn't do this sooner is because I was kind of scared to start something new. What if everything didn't go as planned? What if my old blog readers didn't like the new content? What if I couldn't come up with enough ideas to write about? What if people couldn't relate to the content?

I still do have some of those fears. But I think the best thing for me to do is to just jump right in and give it my best shot! I love blogging. I read countless blogs a day (thank you, Bloglovin') and so many of them inspire me to want to make my blog something bigger and better than what it previously was. I think this transition will allow me to push myself to be a better blogger and want to put more effort into it. I want to be the type of blog that I and others will love to read. I hope to inspire and excite readers with my content too. And even though I may be a bit scared of trying something new, I'm excited more than anything!

The reason I chose to put my blog on the same website as my design portfolio and business is because blogging has countless benefits to those running small businesses. It'll allow readers and possible clients to learn more about me - whether it's about my work, my design process, or my other interests and hobbies. It'll give readers a more personal connection to me. Along with that personal connection, blogging also establishes trust with the reader. Hopefully by reading my blog it will give readers more confidence in my abilities if they decide they want to work with me! I could go on about the benefits of blogging (and I just might in a future blog post), but those are just a few.

I really am so excited about this new endeavor. It would be my dream job to one day be able to be a full-time blogger and freelance designer. And no, I'm not doing this just to try and make money. As a creative (and introverted) person, working from home on creative projects I truly enjoy doing would absolutely be my ideal career. I know success does not happen overnight, but hopefully with some time and hard work I'll be able to do this full-time!

What is your dream career? What steps are you taking towards achieving it?