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7 Steps I Took To Rebrand

The decision to rebrand my blog was a much different process than I had initially planned for. At first I was simply going to redesign my logo and make a few small tweaks to my pre-existing blog and call it a day. But once I got more invested in the idea, I knew a complete rebrand and relaunch of my blog would be in the works. I must say though, all the work it took was well worth it in the end. If you’re thinking of rebranding, or if you’re just curious about what my process was, here’s how I did it!


When deciding to rebrand, it’s important to think about why exactly you want to rebrand and what it is you hope to achieve through rebranding. For me, I wanted to combine my blog and design business. Before the rebrand, my blog and freelance design branding were completely separate from one another. I figured by branding my blog and design work together, my online presence would be more cohesive and it just made sense for me. Through blogging on the same website as my portfolio, it allows potential clients and anyone viewing my website to learn a bit more about my personality, my interests, and my design work!


Once I had decided to combine my blog and website, I then had to decide on a name. I didn’t really want to keep the name of my old blog (though I liked it, the name Lipstick & Lacquer doesn’t really represent graphic design very well). In the end, I decided what better way to represent myself then with my name! I know, it may seem like the obvious choice, but online there are so many fun and creative design business and blog names and part of me wanted to come up with a fun name. In the end, I think using my name was a good choice to go with. It’s something I won’t grow tired of or outgrow, and it’ll allow readers to know me as a person, rather than just as a website with a fun name.



One of my favourite resources for design inspiration is Pinterest. I love that you can search for anything from colour schemes to font styles to image styles and immediately have your screen filled to the brim with beautiful images. I created a private board on Pinterest and started pinning items to it that caught my eye. I then picked out 5-10 images from the board that most conveyed the look I wanted to achieve and created a moodboard in Adobe InDesign. Through the remainder of my design process, the moodboard helped me to ensure all the aspects I designed reflected the feel and style I was going for.


Logo design can be tricky. In a lot of cases, it may be someone’s first impression of you or your business. You want your logo to do many things - from visually representing your business to making you stand apart from competition. I knew I wanted my logo to convey a fun, light, approachable mood and I feel like I accomplished that. Through using a clean, classic sans serif font, I feel like this logo will also have longevity in that it isn’t too trendy. The flower and water colour aspects give it a bit of a laid back, creative vibe as well.


Though I am a graphic designer, I am by no means a web designer, so I knew I had to choose a platform to host my website and blog on. When choosing a platform, my first thought was to try Squarespace. I’ve heard great things about Squarespace for hosting both websites and blogs. Their interface is quite easy to learn with all of its drag and drop features, and the blog feature is great so far as well! They also provide the option to import old blog posts if you're moving your blog from a different platform (such as Blogger or Word Press) which is a nice feature. Overall I’m really pleased with my decision to switch to Squarespace!


Of course when rebranding you want to make sure your social media pages also reflect your new brand so I created graphics to make sure my social networks all matched the new look! I already had the @laurenschroer username on the platforms I used so I just stuck with that! It’s important to integrate your social media accounts whether it’s with a consistent username or profile photo, that way if people want to find you on social media your accounts will be easily recognizable!


The last step in any rebrand is to launch the new brand! Once I had finalized all the design aspects and prepared everything to launch, I went live! I was equally excited and anxious but so far the response has been great!

Have you ever rebranded a website or blog of yours? What were your steps to do so?

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