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New Business Cards (And My Favourite Site To Get Them)

Last week I got my new business cards in the mail! Over the years I've gone through a few different business card designs but I think so far this new one is my favourite.

I designed my first business cards when I was probably around 14 or 15 years old and it was for my freelance photography. I was doing occasional portrait photography sessions and band photography, but it never really took off. The cards were designed in Photoshop were admittedly not the best design, but everyone starts somewhere, right?

After that I had business cards for my photography and design work combined. At this point I was still doing photography (mostly live music photography), but I was in school for graphic design and wanted to focus more on that. With this card design I also used the option Moo has to upload different backs to your cards, so all of them had the same information on the front and the backs of the cards had one of eight photos I had taken and chosen for the cards (a card featuring a photo I shot of LIGHTS shown above)!


And now I have my brand new graphic designer and blogger business cards! I feel like where I'm at now is where I've wanted to be for quite some time. I'm really happy with how this blog is going so far. I feel like these new cards and my website really show who I am as a designer and person.

My favourite place to order business cards from (and where I got the most recent 2/3 designs printed) is Their site is easy to navigate, and their cards are wonderful quality and at a great price too. I've only ever ordered their standard cards (the least expensive option) and I've never felt the need to upgrade to anything else, because their standard quality is fantastic! I choose to order my cards with a matte finish, which ends up as the silkiest, smoothest feeling business card you've ever felt. You also get a nice card holder for your cards when they come in the mail. If you're in need of some new business cards I'd highly suggest checking them out! If you need help designing some too, check out my Services page or get in contact with me and I can definitely help you out (as well as guide you through the ordering process on Moo's website)!

If you want to get 10% off your order from, click here!

*Note: Referral links were used in this post however all items were purchased by me and all my thoughts are my own!*