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Playlist: May 2015

I know, I'm super late to the Spotify bandwagon. It seems like everyone has been talking about Spotify for years now but I finally signed up for an account! I've been enjoying discovering new music on there and making different playlists, and I love having all the songs available on my phone without having to download each individual song or album.

I decided I'm going to make monthly playlists featuring music I've been into lately! I found out about most of the songs on this month's playlist either from browsing Spotify or on Songza, but I feel like it's a good bunch of songs that have similar vibes to them so they work well in a playlist together. It's a very indie-pop upbeat playlist that I think is great for the warmer weather we've had lately and would be awesome for just driving around or hanging out. I'll often have this playing in the background while I'm working or browsing around online too!

You can listen to my May 2015 Spotify playlist below!

What kind of music do you like to listen to? Are you a fan of making playlists?