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Yesterday I updated my design services and added a few new ones to my website! In the top navigation bar under the Services tab, you can now view my Branding & Logos, Branding Packages, and Custom Illustration services. I've also included little illustrations of what you'll get with each service!

Within my services, I want to begin focusing more on brand styling and development. Brand design is an essential part of any blog or business. It gives you a unique look and is a way to set you apart from others in your field. A strong brand design will also make your blog or business seem more professional and put together. If you have a great brand design, people will be able to recognize your work and become more familiar with you, your business, and your content.

Some blogs or websites out there seem to have no focus when it comes to the design of their website or graphics. They'll always be using multiple different fonts, colour schemes, and image styles, and it can become confusing and look a little messy. By having a brand style, you'll have a set colour scheme and a smaller selection of fonts to use so your brand's look will alway remains cohesive and streamlined, therefore making your website more appealing. x

Check out my design services if you're interested!
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