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7 Ways To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Blog Audience

Over the past couple of weeks I've noticed quite a big change in where my blog views are coming from. Pinterest has very quickly climbed to the top of referrers to my blog! Pinterest is such a great tool for bloggers to use to share and promote their content. I've been more active on Pinterest lately and I think that's why it's become my main traffic source to my blog.

There are quite a few things you can do to grow your blog audience with Pinterest and today I'm going to share with you a few of my tips!


The first important thing you should do if you want your blog content to be shared on Pinterest is to include a unique and pin-worthy image with each post you make on your blog. If someone enjoys your blog post and wants to share it with others, they'll often want to pin it. But what good is that pin if you don't have an eye-catching image to draw in new traffic? Images are everything on Pinterest.

One thing you can do to immediately make your blog images more pinnable is to use portrait (or vertical) images. Pinterest's layout really favours images that are long (rather than shorter images), and it makes your pin more visible among all of the other pins. Also, if your image has type on it, make sure it's easy to read and looks neat as well. Try and use keywords in your graphics and blog post titles to catch peoples' eye too!


It's important to make sure your social media pages reflect your brand, and Pinterest is no exception. Make sure your profile photo and description match (or are similar to) the ones on your blog, so it's easy for people to tell you're the same person or business.

Also, make sure you're pinning images and content that is relevant to your blog or business. Of course you can include personal touches or boards unique to you as well, but try and keep the majority of the content you pin relevant. Pin content that you think would benefit your blog's audience.

Another good way to tie in your brand is to change your pin board Cover photos to go with your blog's colour scheme. My blog has a lot of white with pops of peach and mint, so I chose cover photos to reflect that colour scheme as well. It also makes your Pinterest profile look a lot more streamlined and put together.


A great way to drive more traffic to your blog through Pinterest is to have "Pin It" buttons on your blog images. This means when someone hovers their cursor over an image on your blog, a little "Pin It" button will pop up over it and all they have to do is click that to pin your image and link to your blog post. This is a feature I use very often when reading blog posts. It makes sharing content I like so quick and easy. If I have a hard time finding a Pin It button on someone's blog then I am a lot less likely to pin their content.


On my Pinterest profile, I have a board specifically for pins sharing my blog posts. This is a great way for people to see the sort of content I make, and could lead them to following my blog if they like what they see! I put this board as the first board you see when you visit my Pinterest profile so it's easy to find and access too.


Something I've recently done on Pinterest is join a couple of Group Boards. Group Boards are where multiple people can pin to a particular board and share content with each other and their followers. It's a great way to both share your blog content, as well as find bloggers within your niche. It can help increase your Pinterest followers and blog traffic because it'll share your pins with a wider audience!


This is something I just recently did, but I feel like I should have done it a long time ago, and that is convert to a business account for my Pinterest profile. A business account will allow you to do many different things that you can't do with just a regular account. Two great things about a business Pinterest account is that you can access analytics and have Rich Pins (pins that include extra information about the pin). I'm especially excited about the analytics feature so I can learn more about my top performing content and my audience on Pinterest.


On any social media platform, if you want a growing audience you have to be active and engage with other users. Make sure to pin consistently, and repin content from other pinners too. I've found a lot of bloggers through Pinterest, so by being active on the platform it gives you and your content a better chance of getting discovered too!

How have you used Pinterest to grow your blog or business?

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