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H&M Beauty Relaunch | Review

H&M Beauty Relaunch |
H&M Beauty Relaunch |

Recently, H&M has relaunched an entirely new range of beauty products. H&M is where the majority of my wardrobe is from, so I was so excited to hear about their new beauty collection! When promo images were released online a couple of months ago, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the gorgeous monochrome and gold packaged products.

Last week I ventured into the newly opened H&M Beauty section of the Eaton Centre H&M and was immediately swatching nearly everything. I settled on getting 3 products to first try out from the range, and upon trying them I already know I'll be back for more!

H&M Beauty Relaunch |


The first product I got was the Pure Radiance Powder Blusher in Brown Sugar ($12.99). I've been on the hunt for the perfect neutral everyday blush, and this one seemed perfect. It's a light peachy-beige with a satin finish, and the power is very soft and blendable. The pigmentation is just right too, leaving the perfect wash of colour on the cheeks. I was really impressed with how well this wore, lasting 10+ hours without fading or going patchy. Many blushes in my collection will seem to disappear by the end of the day so I was pleased to see that this one was so long wearing.

H&M Beauty Relaunch |


The next item that grabbed my attention was the High Impact Eye Colour in Russet Rose ($7.99). I spotted this particular eye shadow on a display showcasing "The New Neutrals" and it's such a gorgeous colour for fall. It's a metallic rose gold copper shadow that's like nothing else in my collection. This eye shadow has fantastic pigmentation and is so soft and buttery both when swatching and when applying on the eye lid with a brush. This wore for 10+ hours without creasing or fading. It makes for a perfect 1-shadow look with this swept over the lid, into the crease, and smudged along the lower lashline. I definitely want to go pick up more of these single shadows now, their range of colours was massive and they had some gorgeous shades.

H&M Beauty Relaunch |


Lastly, I of course had to pick up one of their matte liquid lipsticks. I got the Velvet Lip Cream in Screen Siren ($12.99), a beautiful deep raspberry shade. Liquid lipsticks are my current favourite type of lip product, so I was thrilled to see liquid lipsticks as part of the new launch. Unfortunately, their liquid lipstick did not perform well for me. The application was patchy and difficult to get an even coat of colour. The formula was really quick to dry so you don't have much time to work with the product to get a clean and precise application. Once it was applied and dried down, it was quite drying and uncomfortable on the lips, but usually I'm willing to deal with that if the product lasts all day long.

About an hour into wearing the lipstick, I ate lunch and I had to reapply because it had completely worn out from the inside of my lips. It seemed like once it came in contact with moisture the product began moving around and sliding off. My touch-up ended up making the product appear even more uneven and patchy on my lips. I wore this liquid lipstick for 4 hours before I had to take it off. The colour was so uneven and it did not look good. Unfortunately I will not be buying any more of the liquid lipsticks from this range, but I am still interested in trying out their regular lipsticks and hope they perform better.

If you are in the market for a great liquid lipstick I'd suggest trying the Sephora Cream Lip Stains (which are only a few dollars more than the H&M ones and last 12+ hours!) or the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips (only $6 and last all day on me as well).

H&M Beauty Relaunch |


All in all, I am still impressed with H&M's new beauty products. Two out of the three products I picked up were wonderful. The obvious stand out products were the powder blusher and eye shadow. Both swatched and performed on the same level as high-end products, without the high price tag. There are still quite a few products in their range that I am interested in trying out and I'm sure I'll do so over the next little while!

Have you tried any of the new H&M Beauty products? Are there any products you like or are interested in trying?