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July Goals

July Goals -

I want to work on goal setting and working towards goals in my personal, work, and blogging life. I just landed my first full-time job so this will definitely be a month of adjusting to that new routine, and I'll have to work on finding a blogging schedule that works for me. I can already tell this is going to be a busy month with a lot going on, so I think having a few goals to keep me on track will help a lot!

1. Find an apartment in Toronto. | Since I just got a job in Toronto, and my friend Abby just graduated and wants to move to the city, we've decided to start looking for an apartment together! We're both graphic designers and Toronto is the city to be to get our careers started. Her current lease is up at the end of July, so we're hoping to find a place to move into by next month!

2. Figure out a consistent blog schedule I can stick to. | I'll be the first to admit that my blog was all over the place in June. I really want to find a posting schedule that is consistent and that I am able to keep up with. I used to post 5 times a week, but with my new job that will likely be too time consuming. I might try and aim for 2-3 posts a week, but I'd still like to work out the details for that.

3. Scrapbook my Disney trip. | The amount of photos I have from my trip to Disney World is kind of overwhelming me right now, and it's part of the reason why I haven't gotten around to editing or sharing more of them. Before my trip I purchased some Disney-themed scrapbooking goodies, and I really want to put them to use this month and scrapbook my trip!

4. Keep a tidy space. | When my room or work space is messy, it tends to stress me out. I want to try and keep my room and work areas as clutter-free this month, and hopefully keep up the habit going forward.

5. Drink more water. | For a while I was doing well and drinking a lot of water each day. Somewhere in the past month or so, I've completely stopped that, and I'll barely drink anything during the day and when I do it's something sugary. I want to get back into the habit of drinking water and keeping hydrated throughout the day!

What are your goals for July? Any tips for helping me keep on track with mine?