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Mood Board Monday | 001

I love creating mood boards. Whether it's for a design project, home decor inspiration, fashion and style inspiration, or anything else really, I find them to be really helpful. Since I'm such a visual person, I love having a beautifully laid out collage of images to draw inspiration and ideas from. They really help me keep on track as well, especially when working on design projects, because it will assure my final product conveys the look and feel I'm after with my mood board!

I've decided to start a little series here on my blog - Mood Board Monday! Every Monday I will share with you a mood board I have created for the week. This mood board may or may not have any relevance to anything I'm working on at the time, it may (and probably often will be) just something I feel like making for fun. In the future, however, I might share mood boards for projects or other things I'm working on at the time!

For this week's mood board I went with a peach, green, white, and black colour scheme. I love the mix of the natural forms of plants with bold black and white graphic patterns. Black and white is my favourite colour combo (if you consider black and white as colours, I do). If you know me, you know that the majority of my wardrobe consists of black and white (mainly stripes). I still do love colour though! Lately two of my favourite colours are peach and green. Peach is such a nice pastel shade, especially for this time of year, whether it's for home decor, clothing, makeup, or designs and illustrations! I also love plants and greenery to add colour to a space.

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