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Tips For Travelling Light | How I Packed For A Week In A Carry On

Tips For Travelling Light - How I Packed For A Week In A Carry On |

When it comes to travelling, I like to save money where ever I can. And for me, that means not paying for checked luggage and just using a carry on. This week I'm at Walt Disney World, and I packed for the week in just a carry on! As an over-packer myself (I'll often use an entire carry-on bag for 1 or 2 nights away if I can get away with it), I can understand how packing in a carry on may seem difficult. To hopefully help you out a bit, today I'm going to share with you my tips on packing light!


The first step you should take when packing, is to check the forecast for where ever you're going. If you don't know what the weather is going to be like when you're there, then how will you know what to pack for it? You could pack for hot weather and end up travelling on a cold or rainy week, so your best bet is to just look up the forecast.


Now that you know what the weather is going to be like, plan what you're going to wear! And I don't mean just decide "I'll wear shorts and a t-shirt this day, and a dress on another". I mean pick out the specific items you'll be wearing from your clothing and undergarments, to shoes and accessories. It's also good to pack outfits you've worn before and know are going to be comfortable and fuss-free while you're travelling. I understand wanting clothing options when travelling, but if you just pack the outfits you plan and already know you love, then you won't have to fuss with figuring out what to wear each day of your trip!


If you struggle with planning outfits or deciding what to wear, a good idea is to stick to a specific colour palette. I personally wear black and white most of the time, and it makes it super easy for me to put outfits together. If you stick to a colour palette, matching up outfits will be a lot easier than if you pack items that are all the different colours of the rainbow. A good idea is to stick to mostly neutrals (black, white, gray, brown, navy) and maybe add a few pops of colour in your accessories.


Try and wear your bulkier items to the airport, that way you don't have them taking up valuable space in your bag. Items like jeans, hats, boots, and jackets can take up a lot of room in your carry on, so your best bet is to wear them on your flight. You can also layer up items if you really need to save space and if you get warm in the airport just tie your jacket around your waist instead of stuffing it into an already full bag.


Of course when you're travelling it'd be nice to have everything you love from home, but that's just not realistic. There are items that you shouldn't need to pack that the hotel will provide you such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, towels, and a hair dryer. A big struggle for me is packing limited makeup, but realistically I won't need 10 different lipsticks for a 7 day trip. Just pack what you think you will need and any extras can be left at home. They'll still be there for you when you get back and surely you won't miss them too much. And if you do find you forgot something essential, you'll likely be close to a store where you can buy what you need!


If you're travelling with a friend, discuss which large items you're each bringing and see if there's anything you can share while you're there to save you both room when packing. You probably don't each need a hair straightener and curling wand, so maybe you can each pack one and just share them. Splitting up and sharing items can help save you both some room!

I think when packing for a trip it's important to think of what items you'll realistically actually need and use. Don't think of all the "what-if" situations and end up packing way too many things that most likely won't get used or worn. If any situations do come up that you haven't prepared for, just go to a store where ever you're staying and I'm sure you'll be able to find what you need.

I hope these tips were helpful to you! What are your best tips for travelling light?