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Blog Traffic and Income Report | June 2015

Blog Traffic and Income Report | June 2015 -


For comparison purposes, here are what my traffic stats for May 2015 were. For a more in-depth look at my May stats, check out my May Traffic and Income Report!

MAY 2015

Pageviews: 6,341
Sessions: 3,606
Unique Visitors: 2,935

JUNE 2015

In June I found I was slacking in getting blog posts up quite a bit, and I was on a trip for a week in the month, so it was to my surprise that my blog traffic actually increased quite a bit still! I think I have Pinterest to thank for this because a couple of my pins did get quite a few repins this month which helped drive new traffic to my blog!


Blog Traffic and Income Report | June 2015 -

Pageviews: 8,963 (+2,622)
Sessions: 4,855 (+1,249)
Unique Visitors: 4,132 (+1,197)

At the end of last month's Traffic Report, I stated that my goal for June was to reach 8,000 monthly pageviews, and have 4,000 unique visitors and I'm happy that I was able to achieve both of those goals!

July Goal Pageviews: 10,500
July Goal Unique Visitors: 5,500


Blog Traffic and Income Report | June 2015 -

1. Top 5 Free Online Resources for Designers (1,060 views)
2. How To Digitize Hand Lettering (983 views)
3. How I Doubled My Instagram Followers in 6 Weeks (417 views)

I'm not surprised to see that my top 3 blog posts from the month are all ones I posted before June, and they're actually the same 3 posts that were my most viewed last month as well. In the future I definitely want to work on putting together more helpful and shareable content for my audience!


Once again, I was quite happily surprised to see that my blog income had increased in June as well! I still want to work on putting together a place where all of my downloadable content can be accessed, which is something I'll work on this month I hope.


Google Adsense: $0.74 (-$3.08)
Blogger Desktop Mockup on Creative Market: $52.50 (+$22.50)
Mood Board Templates on Etsy: $27.45 (+$18.35)



I was really surprised by the amount of growth my Pinterest account had this month. Even when I wasn't blogging consistently in June, I was still on Pinterest pretty regularly. I think my consistency on the platform, as well as a couple of my pins that got a lot of re-pins probably contributed to my follower growth there.

Bloglovin': 93 (+26)
Pinterest: 276 (+144)
Instagram: 1,245 (+31)
Twitter: 384 (+51)
Facebook: 481 (+8)

Even though I didn't stay quite on schedule with my blogging this month, I was still happy to see some growth in my audience and income. I bet if I really put the effort into my blog that I know I can, my blog will only continue to grow from there!

Later this week I'll be sharing my July goals with you all, so keep an eye out for that post too!