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Blog Traffic and Income Report | May 2015

Since starting my blog mid-April of this year, I've been so blown away by the support I've received. In just a month and a half my blog has grown so much and I really can't wait to see where it goes during the rest of the year!

I always find reading other peoples' blog stats really interesting and insightful so I thought I would share my May traffic and income stats with you today! I'll also let you in on what my goals for June are, and next month we can come back to see how I did on those goals.


Just for comparison purposes, here are my traffic stats for April. I launched my blog on April 19, so these stats only show what my traffic was for 12 days of the month.

APRIL 2015

Pageviews: 2,122
Sessions: 946
Unique Visitors: 636

MAY 2015

Taking April's traffic into account, my blog views still took a significant leap in May! The month started off pretty slow, but as it progressed, my blog views increased quite a bit.


Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 2.05.56 PM.png

Pageviews: 6,341
Sessions: 3,606
Unique Visitors: 2,935


1. How I Doubled My Instagram Followers In 6 Weeks (936 views)
2. How To Digitize Hand Lettering (619 views)
3. Top 5 Free Online Resources for Designers (209 views)

When looking at my most viewed blog posts from this month, it's very clear that how-to's are popular among my readers. My 2 top viewed blog posts were how-to's, so I will definitely work on doing more for you guys! If you ever have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in a comment or tweet them to me (@ laurenschroer)!


Pinterest became my top referrer this month, with over 44% of my traffic coming from Pinterest. In May I really tried to up my Pinterest game and it showed!

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1. Pinterest (44.4%)
2. Bloglovin (9.9%)
3. Direct (8.2%)


I'm not going to lie, I'm quite nervous about sharing my blog income here. I went back and forth quite a bit on whether or not I should do it, but I figured I would because it may be helpful to some of you! I know when I see some bloggers' income reports and see how much money they're making, it can be quite intimidating (but inspiring too!). Since I'm still getting my blog off the ground, my blog income is quite low, but I thought I'd be honest with you and share what I've made thus far.

For any other newly monetized blogs out there, or if you're thinking of monetizing your blog, I thought sharing my income right from my first month of monetizing could be helpful. So, here is what I earned in my first month!


Google Adsense: $3.82
Blogger Desktop Mockup on Creative Market: $30.00
Mood Board Templates on Etsy: $9.10
Skimlinks (Affiliate Links): $0


I currently don't have a lot of different sources of income on my blog, but I'd like to look into more ways to monetize. One thing I would like to do in the future is have a library of resources I've created and shared on my blog. I've posted a few different things both for free download and for purchase on my blog and I want to be able to have them all in one place. I'm thinking I might make everything available in my Etsy shop and link to it in my main navigation, that way it can all be accessed in the same spot!


I thought I'd include my social media stats and share how my accounts have grown in the past month as well. Social media is how I promote and share all of my content, so it's really important for me to build loyal audiences on my social media accounts too!

Here is a list of how many followers I had at the end of the May, as well as how many I gained throughout the month.

Bloglovin': 67 (+37)
Pinterest: 132 (+68)
Instagram: 1,214 (+94)
Twitter: 333 (+21)
Facebook: 473 (+3)


1. Be more organized and plan ahead. | One thing I really need to work on is planning and writing blog posts ahead of time. In the beginning I was really good at planning ahead and writing blog posts days before they went up, but for the past few weeks I've been slacking and only writing posts the day (or often late at night) before they went up. I really want to plan and schedule my blog posts ahead of time throughout June and onwards so my content will be better organized.

2. Reduce my bounce rate. | Right now my bounce rate is quite high at 72%. I want to work on having more links and clickable content in my blog posts and sidebar to encourage visitors to my blog to lengthen their visit and view more of my content! I think since my blog is still quite new this can be harder to do because I don't have a ton of posts to refer back to just yet, but hopefully with some time I'll be able to decrease my bounce rate.

3. Set up a content library. | Like I mentioned earlier in this post, I would love to have a place that my readers can go to to access all of the design and blogging resources I've created and shared. Whether this is through an Etsy shop or a new page on my website, it's definitely something I'd like to look into adding! It would make finding these resources I offer so much easier!

Goal Pageviews: 8,000
Goal Unique Visitors: 4,000

I really hope this post was helpful to some of you! If you'd like to see me keep doing these posts in the future, let me know!

What do you do to increase your blog traffic and income? I'd love to hear some of your suggestions!