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What I Packed For A Week At Disney

What I Packed For A Week At Walt Disney World

Today is the day I'm off to Disney World! I decided to pack for my trip in a carry on so I wouldn't have to pay to check any bags, and I thought I'd share with you what I packed in my bag! As you can see I'm sticking with a very monochromatic colour scheme, with a little bit of red and lots of polka dots. With this colour scheme it'll be really easy for me to mix and match outfits using these items and they'll all match each other!


I'm bringing 5 tops for the week, and even though I may not wear every single one, I'm bringing one or two extras in case my clothes get wet on rides or from the rain. All of the tops I packed are really light weight materials and hardly took up any space in my bag at all.


For bottoms I packed 2 pairs of shorts and 1 pair of leggings. It's supposed to be really hot while we're there, so I didn't think it'd be necessary for me to bring jeans. The shorts I packed will match each of the tops I'm bringing so I can mix them up and easily make outfits. I'm also bringing a pair of leggings in case it gets a little cooler in the evenings and I want my legs covered. I'll also most likely be wearing the leggings for lounging around our hotel and on my flight home as well!


The easiest possible outfits are one-piece outfits! I recently bought a dress from the Lauren Conrad Minnie Mouse collection which will be perfect for this trip. I'm also bringing a jumpsuit which I'm wearing on the flight there, as well as a romper for one of the park days! These will all be super easy to wear since they don't require anything else but shoes!


I don't know if we'll be doing much swimming while we're there, so I'm only bringing one swimsuit. The resort has a pool so maybe we'll end up going in it once or twice. And the bikini I packed matches my monochrome and polka dots theme too!


As I mentioned, the weather in Florida is supposed to be really hot while we're there, so I'm not bringing many warm or heavy items. I am bringing along my denim jacket for the flights, and also if it cools off at night. I'm also bringing a lightweight black cardigan that I can throw on over any outfit to keep my shoulders and arms out of the sun, and in case I get a little cold. I also plan on buying a hoodie while we're at the park which I'll likely wear on my flight home so it doesn't have to take up valuable space in my bag!


I'm not going to accessorize much while we're there. For the park days I'll be using my backpack, but for any shopping we do I'll have a little crossbody bag to keep my essentials in. I'll also be bringing a pair of sunglasses, of course!


For shoes, comfort is the most important thing on this trip. I'm wearing my slip on shoes on the flights, since they're easy to take on and off when I need to in the airport. I also packed a pair of converse for the long days of walking, and a pair of sandals!

As someone who always overpacks, I feel like I did a pretty good job of just sticking to what I'll need. When packing in a carry on it's important to just bring the essentials, and any "what-if" or "just maybe" items can stay at home. Later this week I'll be sharing a post on my tips for packing in a carry on, so keep an eye out for that too!

Have you ever packed for a trip in just a carry on bag? What are your space saving tips?